Harlens Report

To: Captain Allen Walker

From: Sergeant Major Harlen Versh

Location: Southern Tundras of SeraMithra

Report No. 412-00A

Mission Referral No. 322-109-9R (Operation Weed Whacker)

Sir Walker, I am reporting on the recent activities I have undergone in order to further Operation Weed Whacker. After several dead ends in the area surrounding MountainHome, I moved eastward to a guild where aspiring adventurers and bounty hunters find odd jobs.

Upon my arrival I decided to take on a job to free slaves from a slaver boat in the area. It turned out that I was not the only one who had signed up for the mission. Several other adventures had signed up and I decided to join the posse to bring down the slavers. The group consists of several odd characters and below are brief details on each,

We managed to subdue the slavers and free all the slaves. One slave Chunks, a Angiyiortak, asked us to accompany him to a gathering of a sort that was important for his people. We agreed to accompany him when we learned form locals that one of the sages in one of the tribes was a seer. I made it my goal to find the sage and ask for information on locating the seed of life.

When we finally met with the sage, she told us that we would need to find a substance called Dreaming Weed. She told us where it is found under the sea and that a local mermaid would assist us in our search. We traveled for several miles and we found a group of caribou. Our gnome member decided that it would be a wise investment to stop and try to tame one. In the end though, she ended up killing one. I will keep surveillance on the gnome as much as I can.

The group met up with the mermaid, a rather larger species than any that I have read about, who gave us the directions to the underwater ruins where the weed grew. Though to our dismay, she said that Shaugin had taken up residence there. She was glad to ad us though with a kiss allowing us to breath underwater and resist the frigid temperatures.

We hastily dove into the water and swam towards our destination. We had a very tough fight against out opponents and in the end took very heavy hits but luckily no casualties. I managed to get the killing blow on the lead Shaugin, a baron to his people, and have sent along with this letter the deceased warriors trident weapon. Please have several privates take it to my home and have it hung above my fireplace.

We returned to the sage with the Dreaming Weed. She quickly treated and prepared it and began to smoke. She had a vision and at the end she recited the following: Ten thousand moons, and a red skull (or something along those lines. One of the party members wrote it down. When I find the verse I will send it) If you have any information on what it could mean please send your thoughts and orders along with the next parcel drop. I would also like to make a requisition for a rifle gun and possible a swiftshot revolver with the next parcel.

I will make my next report next week. Faith in the Cog.

Harlen Versh


Spoony Edsdottr: Female Half Elf Bard. Currently putting together a ballad of the groups exploits. She has an even quicker tongue than some Halfling traders I know. She likes to place other members of the party in awkward social situations. In battle the bard continues to prove to be a valued asset in healing…unless underwater.

Caine and Wolf: Male Shifter Ranger and his wolf companion. The two of them are rather silent, but in a recent battle with a bear the two seem very respectful to nature and decided to walk away from the fight. The two seem to be the loners of our group, but this happens commonly to those on point. Right now, the guy seems to favor two swords to a bow, but it changes at the drop of a hat.

Rivalan Thallius Isrenthelion: Male Gensai Swordmage. He claims to be a veteran from many battles in the elemental plane. He works very well in the group and it seems that there is no skepticism towards him for being a Gensai. He may have a friendly rivalry with Ko Lag.

Windwillow: Female Gnome Shaman?Druid? This gnome has confused me. She has changed fighting styles twice since we’ve known each other. The gnome does have potential but I am very on guard around here since she is a tree hugger. She is cataloging different plants and animals on our journey. I do not trust the gnome.

Ko Lag: Male Goliath Warden: A pretty driven guy. He wishes to obtain a great rank within his society and from what I understand it will be a hard uphill battle. He has decided to help me in mine and Spoony’s quest knowing that piggy backing off of us will make him stronger and gain him fame.

Current Requisitions: SwiftShot Revolver, Distance Rifle, Anything that will speed me up,Cigs Trail Rations, Monthly pay, Something to read, A dozen bananas,


...a dozen bananas?

Harlens Report

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