May 10th, 2009

The poems and songs below detail the events surrounding the epic battle between our heroes fair and their attack on the evil saugahin in their underwater temple. And also, a sad event featuring the death of a sickly caribou.

Wet bear in a hole
Chunks dives in with mighty blows
Ko-lag stabs it’s heart

Never trust a gnome
Sickly caribou is dead
Fluid in its lungs

There once was a caribou named Murray
his coat was soft, brown and furry
He tasted so great
Moist caribou steak
Now Willow’s eyes are all blurry

The Oracle called Utyok sent us on a quest
To find a magical, mystical weed
For visions she said she would need
Our skills we’d have to test

On our journey to a large breasted-mermaid
The ocean’s lovely daughter
Let us breathe underwater
We swam under, unafraid

The saughin came at us, fangs bare
The fallen temple to defend
Out minions the Baron did send
And badly they did fare.

Willow laid many low with an epic blast
We took a great beating
left Riven and Cain bleeding
The baron tried to run fast.

The warriors true finally won the day
The phat loots they did gain
And rested to heal pain
And victorious, we all swam away.


...a dozen bananas?!

May 10th, 2009

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