May 24th

Angyortak on a hunger strike
all the tribe has gone away
left to mate out of season
a lone male kept them under sway.
Into the love den we charged
to find them resting after play
Angyortak male naught but drake
a kind that burned in light of day
Avoiding pits and smacking hoes
on the ground the females lay
Begging for mercy, dragon defeated
Cain, without mercy, did say nay
Back to the tribe, hunger strike over
graciously in gifts the elder did pay
victorious the adventurers leave
to find themselves a newer way.

Adventurers set off from Catherine to find a book of Magic
Magic spells inside we had to Protect
Protecting us, Ko-lag slayed a priest of Evil
Evil and malignant the harpies Flew
Flying and escaping with the book Rapidly
Rapidly the river ran as down we Sailed
Sailing down past the bodies below the Water
Watery graves the undead Float
Floating into the cavern Quietly
Quietly rogue and ranger Creep
Creeping up, the adventurers Slay
Slaying the priest, victory for the Adventurers.



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