May 3rd, 2009

All events and derring-do recorded by the prolific and eloquent bard, Spoony Eddsdottr.

The ocean it was dark and dim
and none of us wanted to swim
The slavers they were grim and dour
their plans, our goal to sour
Stealthy upon the boat we snuck
The enemies were out of luck
Gnome, Goliath, and Genesai brave
their mission the prisoner to save
Valiant bard, rogue and ranger
Saved the people below from danger
Ko-lag laid his foes down low
Harlen put on a deadly show
Wolf helped out his master Cain
Riven left the kobolds slain
Willow defeated the birdy’s nest
Spoony’s song aided in rest
Belowdecks the mammoth-man fred
Above the decks the planks be-treed
A watery dragon from down below
Riven’s fierce storm stole killing blow
On the shore the victim’s free
As the sun rises over the deep blue sea



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