June 21st

The author utterly denies any similarities to other bard songs you may or may not have heard. The author is offended you would consider her work highly derivative and unoriginal. That being said, she is also sure you know how this one goes.

Gruumsh was quizzical; Purely metaphysical
Made shamans his home.
Late nights all alone with some voodoo
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Ko-lag barbarian, crushing people’s heads again
turns the orcs to mush
“I am going to kill all your servants

But as he’s getting ready to run
A sound comes from behind.

Bang! Bang! Ko-lag’s grand craghammer
Came down upon his head.
Bang! Bang! Ko-lag’s grand craghammer
Made sure that he was dead.

Back in town again Ko-lag smacks an orc again
Gruumsh, he gets annoyed.
Wishing to avoid an unpleasant
De -ee -ee -ath.

He tells orcs to stay when the adventurers away,
So he waits behind
Telling orcs fifty times “He must be
ki -ii -ii -lled.”

But when he turns his back on the man,
He thorn strikes from behind.

Bang! Bang! Ko-lag’s grand craghammer
Came down upon his head.
Bang! Bang! Ko-lag’s grand craghammer
Made sure that he was dead.

The Black hand orcs will fight the Red Skull orcs
Ko-lag stands alone
Covering ground with ice and snow
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Harlen and Spoony, cheering like a goonie
Say he must go slay
(Ko-lag must go slay)
Lord Grummsh does not agree and he tells them
So oh oh oh.

But as the words are leaving his lips,
A noise comes from behind.

Bang! Bang! Ko-lag’s grand craghammer
Came down upon his head.
Bang! Bang! Ko-lag’s grand craghammer
Made sure that he was dead.

June 7th

Worms for sale, worms for sale!
Attention Catherine! Worms for sale!
We’ve brought them from the tundra’s glare
They’re here for you! We’ve worms for sale!
They’re fit, agile and new
Come start your very own worm zoo
We’ve a queen and babies here just for you
Get in at the start for a business new!
In five years they’ll be mounts
On this unique deal you must pounce
Packing power right where it counts
Come and purchase these awesome mounts!

We strode into Catherine
Riven’s bag full of worms
Harlen’s dealing was fantastic
We dealt in reasonable terms
Quickly a rogue stole the bag
We chased him down the street
Willow the squirrel jumped from roof
And lay low villain of fleet feet.
The rogue was now grounded
Ko-lag tossed him over arm
And on our return down the street
A mob approached with intent to harm.
A huge brawl thus ensues
Harlen and Spoony take casters
Cain and Wolf slay the seedy rogues
Riven’s blade keeps us from disaster.
Now with opponents slain
The remaining for divulges plan
To drop worms into the sewer
To be picked up by a hooded man.
Down in the sewers we wade
The poison darts bring forth blood
Harlen disarms with brilliant flare
As we trudge forth through the mud.
Down the sewer we chase
The hooded goon is a dead ghoul
Into battle the heroes charge
By the light of shining jewel.
The ghouls raise their minions
And keep us pinned in the sewer
Willow unleashes devastating blast
And leaves few for Ko-lag to skewer.
Soon the mighty foes slain
Evil corrupters of the deep
Again the adventurers triumph
Leaving bones left in a heap.

(Story overheard in the Pheonix’s Flame, a bar in what used to be the nicer part of town but is now relatively run down and slightly seedy.)

“So there I was. I heard some hubbub about there being sommat new for sale – you know how I’m always onto new things in this town – so I went to check it out. Turns out some adventurers were selling these worm things…straight outta tha tundra! I guess they was lookin’ for someone to raise em up. I don’t have that kind of time – too many things going on right now, ya know – but looked like they found themselves about a dozen or so lookin’ to make a deal. I popped in to see them close-up…odd white worms that are eventually gonna be mounts. I don’t know if I believe all of that, but I already decided I wasn’t gonna buy but I was curious sommat like that would go for in case another group came in I could mebbe make a profit. Anyways, some thug ran off with the bag affore they could finish the deal! Down the street they chased ‘im and a good thing too. Honest business men benefit from those thieves getting what’s comin to em. Well, I never seen the like before, I swear to everything whut’s holy,” (here the man pauses and makes a holy sign in front of his face, wide-eyed) “this frakkin squirrel comes out from nowheres and jumps right in his face! Oddest thing I ever did see! The man went down jus’ like a stone. By that time this huge thing came up behind him. Ten foot or thereabouts, built like he was made ‘o stone. I thought for sure he’d finish the guy right where he stood, but nah, calm as you please knocked him a good ‘un on the back of the skull and tossed him over his shoulder like ‘e was a bag ‘o grain! They went back to make good on their deal – and I tells ya, more people oughta make sure they’re good on theirs too…say don’t you owe me a beer Jonny? Yeah, that’s better. Anyways, they go back to turn over the goods and what comes down the street but another buncha thugs.” (At this point the man takes a long draught of his fresh beer and shakes his head sadly before solidly thumping down the mug and wiping his face with his sleeve.) “Well, someone had hired ‘em that’s for sure cause they had some durned mages with ‘em. I ain’t never trusted a mage in my life and that there’s why. Always selling themselves to the highest bidders. At least the mages hereabouts. Anyways, you could tell those folks was itchin’ for trouble. They come right at those adventurers, greed and hate in their eye. That was all that the big’un needed to see, I guess, cause he started wading right inta them bodies, plantin’ some weird spikes all over the ground. And right nexta him was this ugly guy fightin’ with the hugest wolf I ever saw in my life. They had some other fella with ‘em…looked like he was made ‘o the earth and spittin’ lightening. Then wouldn’t ya know it, the squirrel what attacked the first thug, she turnt right into a gnome! Short little thing started summonin’ animals all over the place! The next thing I heard was some loud bangs comin’ right off the top of the Jenkin’s place. It was hard to get a good look with the sun comin’ right in my eyes and all, but there was a woman in nearly no clothes pointin’ and wavin’ and singin’ some strange song I ain’t never heard hereabouts. She coulda been an angel, she was so beautiful. But if the one nexta her on that roof was an angel, he’d a been tha angel of death, that’s for sure. Seemed like every time that boomstick of his went off, one ‘o the thugs in the street just fell over. Took about five minutes or so, and a bunch of us stood in the lane and watched. As soon as they was finished the big one, Kro-lag or summat, picked back up the first guy the squirrel took down and ast him what was goin’ on. They musta found out somethin they didn’t like cause off they went again, runnin’ for a side street. I figured on bein’ the first ta know so I waited a bit and went down. Here those crazies went right down inta the sewers! The sewers of Catherine! Can you imagine? I didn’t know if they was stupid or brave, so I hung out – just a bit back cause ya never know what might come back up outta there, even in the day – and I heard a whole lotta noise. Fifteen minutes or so they was down there. Odd moans and screams again, and more echoes like tha little miss was singin’ again. I thought I heard some swears too but a girl like that…nah she’d never utter somethin’ like that. Anyhows, soon the clashes stopped and they filed up from the sewer. I ain’t never smelt something so bad in my entire life as what came up out of there! I tell you, they musta paid a fortune in inn fees to get the bathwater to get rid o’ that stench. Smelt worse than polecat on a hot summer day, or rotten meat in a midden heap. I hightailed it outta there and came right with you fellas with the story, since I knows I can trust you to repeat truth. Those adventurers, yah, I think they must be brave but maybe also a little crazy too. And who’s to say more dead ghoolies in the sewers isn’t a benefit to us all? Aye! Let us have another round over here! Aw, look, Sammah you just got here, eh? You just missed this tale! Oh, well I suppose if I had sommat to ease my throat a little…oh Sammah you’re a real pal! So there I was…”

May 31st

(The following song is not on public record as Ko-lag has threatened an innocent bard with murder foul if it got out. However, it is still sung on rare occasions when a certain group of adventurers have been drinking quite a bit.)

The Day Ko-lag Ate a Tumor For Breakfast

Today, today his brains went away
He did stupid things
decided to play
Ko-lag went awry and left us alone
Jumped from a cliff
Fell down to prone
He swam backwards up a churning river
Carried a wolf and
punctured it’s liver
Stupid Ko-lag believed there was loot
swam over waterfall
found it was moot
Eight foot Ko-lag swims in knee-high stream
Misses with ballista
gets stamina reamed
Foolish Ko-lag shoves things up his nose
makes puppies cry
his hit rate blows.

May 24th

Angyortak on a hunger strike
all the tribe has gone away
left to mate out of season
a lone male kept them under sway.
Into the love den we charged
to find them resting after play
Angyortak male naught but drake
a kind that burned in light of day
Avoiding pits and smacking hoes
on the ground the females lay
Begging for mercy, dragon defeated
Cain, without mercy, did say nay
Back to the tribe, hunger strike over
graciously in gifts the elder did pay
victorious the adventurers leave
to find themselves a newer way.

Adventurers set off from Catherine to find a book of Magic
Magic spells inside we had to Protect
Protecting us, Ko-lag slayed a priest of Evil
Evil and malignant the harpies Flew
Flying and escaping with the book Rapidly
Rapidly the river ran as down we Sailed
Sailing down past the bodies below the Water
Watery graves the undead Float
Floating into the cavern Quietly
Quietly rogue and ranger Creep
Creeping up, the adventurers Slay
Slaying the priest, victory for the Adventurers.

May 17th

So Willow said to adventurers fair
“Let us inspect a frost wyrm lair!
We must found out if they lay eggs!
We’ll use as mounts and save our legs!”
We left the Gathering then and there
fought through tundra’s icy glare
Outside a cave we’d ne’er miss
Silly gnome scraped the wall for piss
Inside we raised the white worm’s ire
The slippery floor made our footing dire
Down the worms, their bodies flayed
by Ko-lag’s axe and Riven’s blade.

Far into the earth we crept
where unsuspecting wormlings slept
The matron Ko-lag brutally slew
And cooked us up some yummy stew.

Looking for excitement and adventure in the arctic south regions? Tired of slogging through snow, carrying all your burdens by hand? Adventurers fret no more! Riven’s Frost Worm Emporium is here to serve your mount needs! Eats damn near anything, immune to the cold, and can bore you a cave! Have all your needs met at Riven’s Frost Worm Emporium today!

Harlens Report

To: Captain Allen Walker

From: Sergeant Major Harlen Versh

Location: Southern Tundras of SeraMithra

Report No. 412-00A

Mission Referral No. 322-109-9R (Operation Weed Whacker)

Sir Walker, I am reporting on the recent activities I have undergone in order to further Operation Weed Whacker. After several dead ends in the area surrounding MountainHome, I moved eastward to a guild where aspiring adventurers and bounty hunters find odd jobs.

Upon my arrival I decided to take on a job to free slaves from a slaver boat in the area. It turned out that I was not the only one who had signed up for the mission. Several other adventures had signed up and I decided to join the posse to bring down the slavers. The group consists of several odd characters and below are brief details on each,

We managed to subdue the slavers and free all the slaves. One slave Chunks, a Angiyiortak, asked us to accompany him to a gathering of a sort that was important for his people. We agreed to accompany him when we learned form locals that one of the sages in one of the tribes was a seer. I made it my goal to find the sage and ask for information on locating the seed of life.

When we finally met with the sage, she told us that we would need to find a substance called Dreaming Weed. She told us where it is found under the sea and that a local mermaid would assist us in our search. We traveled for several miles and we found a group of caribou. Our gnome member decided that it would be a wise investment to stop and try to tame one. In the end though, she ended up killing one. I will keep surveillance on the gnome as much as I can.

The group met up with the mermaid, a rather larger species than any that I have read about, who gave us the directions to the underwater ruins where the weed grew. Though to our dismay, she said that Shaugin had taken up residence there. She was glad to ad us though with a kiss allowing us to breath underwater and resist the frigid temperatures.

We hastily dove into the water and swam towards our destination. We had a very tough fight against out opponents and in the end took very heavy hits but luckily no casualties. I managed to get the killing blow on the lead Shaugin, a baron to his people, and have sent along with this letter the deceased warriors trident weapon. Please have several privates take it to my home and have it hung above my fireplace.

We returned to the sage with the Dreaming Weed. She quickly treated and prepared it and began to smoke. She had a vision and at the end she recited the following: Ten thousand moons, and a red skull (or something along those lines. One of the party members wrote it down. When I find the verse I will send it) If you have any information on what it could mean please send your thoughts and orders along with the next parcel drop. I would also like to make a requisition for a rifle gun and possible a swiftshot revolver with the next parcel.

I will make my next report next week. Faith in the Cog.

Harlen Versh


Spoony Edsdottr: Female Half Elf Bard. Currently putting together a ballad of the groups exploits. She has an even quicker tongue than some Halfling traders I know. She likes to place other members of the party in awkward social situations. In battle the bard continues to prove to be a valued asset in healing…unless underwater.

Caine and Wolf: Male Shifter Ranger and his wolf companion. The two of them are rather silent, but in a recent battle with a bear the two seem very respectful to nature and decided to walk away from the fight. The two seem to be the loners of our group, but this happens commonly to those on point. Right now, the guy seems to favor two swords to a bow, but it changes at the drop of a hat.

Rivalan Thallius Isrenthelion: Male Gensai Swordmage. He claims to be a veteran from many battles in the elemental plane. He works very well in the group and it seems that there is no skepticism towards him for being a Gensai. He may have a friendly rivalry with Ko Lag.

Windwillow: Female Gnome Shaman?Druid? This gnome has confused me. She has changed fighting styles twice since we’ve known each other. The gnome does have potential but I am very on guard around here since she is a tree hugger. She is cataloging different plants and animals on our journey. I do not trust the gnome.

Ko Lag: Male Goliath Warden: A pretty driven guy. He wishes to obtain a great rank within his society and from what I understand it will be a hard uphill battle. He has decided to help me in mine and Spoony’s quest knowing that piggy backing off of us will make him stronger and gain him fame.

Current Requisitions: SwiftShot Revolver, Distance Rifle, Anything that will speed me up,Cigs Trail Rations, Monthly pay, Something to read, A dozen bananas,

May 10th, 2009

The poems and songs below detail the events surrounding the epic battle between our heroes fair and their attack on the evil saugahin in their underwater temple. And also, a sad event featuring the death of a sickly caribou.

Wet bear in a hole
Chunks dives in with mighty blows
Ko-lag stabs it’s heart

Never trust a gnome
Sickly caribou is dead
Fluid in its lungs

There once was a caribou named Murray
his coat was soft, brown and furry
He tasted so great
Moist caribou steak
Now Willow’s eyes are all blurry

The Oracle called Utyok sent us on a quest
To find a magical, mystical weed
For visions she said she would need
Our skills we’d have to test

On our journey to a large breasted-mermaid
The ocean’s lovely daughter
Let us breathe underwater
We swam under, unafraid

The saughin came at us, fangs bare
The fallen temple to defend
Out minions the Baron did send
And badly they did fare.

Willow laid many low with an epic blast
We took a great beating
left Riven and Cain bleeding
The baron tried to run fast.

The warriors true finally won the day
The phat loots they did gain
And rested to heal pain
And victorious, we all swam away.

May 3rd, 2009

All events and derring-do recorded by the prolific and eloquent bard, Spoony Eddsdottr.

The ocean it was dark and dim
and none of us wanted to swim
The slavers they were grim and dour
their plans, our goal to sour
Stealthy upon the boat we snuck
The enemies were out of luck
Gnome, Goliath, and Genesai brave
their mission the prisoner to save
Valiant bard, rogue and ranger
Saved the people below from danger
Ko-lag laid his foes down low
Harlen put on a deadly show
Wolf helped out his master Cain
Riven left the kobolds slain
Willow defeated the birdy’s nest
Spoony’s song aided in rest
Belowdecks the mammoth-man fred
Above the decks the planks be-treed
A watery dragon from down below
Riven’s fierce storm stole killing blow
On the shore the victim’s free
As the sun rises over the deep blue sea

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