SeraMithra is a collaborative high fantasy world built with the Dawn of Worlds system.

This campaign is intended to provide a game for the players to experiment with the options in the newly released PHB2 for 4e, as a trial of the Dawn of Worlds system, and to try out Obsidian Portal.

Since Dawn of Worlds is a system for collaborative world building, the world of SeraMithra has a lot of elements, cultures, hooks, and concepts contributed by our group of seven. Everyone brought their A game, so there’s compelling content everywhere.

Since the world was created and populated by collaboration, a lot of the content was written, or at least outlined by the players. Thus, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to take information given to me by the players, then hide it away where they can’t see it. They know what’s in there anyway. Therefor, most wiki pages will have a Common Knowledge, Sage Knowledge, and GM Only Knowledge sections, all within the Public section. This type of information will usually be background, history, or current events. Additional information, relevant to the game will be in the hidden GM only section. Sometimes this will even contradict information in the Public box. Players beware!


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