May 17th

So Willow said to adventurers fair
“Let us inspect a frost wyrm lair!
We must found out if they lay eggs!
We’ll use as mounts and save our legs!”
We left the Gathering then and there
fought through tundra’s icy glare
Outside a cave we’d ne’er miss
Silly gnome scraped the wall for piss
Inside we raised the white worm’s ire
The slippery floor made our footing dire
Down the worms, their bodies flayed
by Ko-lag’s axe and Riven’s blade.

Far into the earth we crept
where unsuspecting wormlings slept
The matron Ko-lag brutally slew
And cooked us up some yummy stew.

Looking for excitement and adventure in the arctic south regions? Tired of slogging through snow, carrying all your burdens by hand? Adventurers fret no more! Riven’s Frost Worm Emporium is here to serve your mount needs! Eats damn near anything, immune to the cold, and can bore you a cave! Have all your needs met at Riven’s Frost Worm Emporium today!



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