May 31st

(The following song is not on public record as Ko-lag has threatened an innocent bard with murder foul if it got out. However, it is still sung on rare occasions when a certain group of adventurers have been drinking quite a bit.)

The Day Ko-lag Ate a Tumor For Breakfast

Today, today his brains went away
He did stupid things
decided to play
Ko-lag went awry and left us alone
Jumped from a cliff
Fell down to prone
He swam backwards up a churning river
Carried a wolf and
punctured it’s liver
Stupid Ko-lag believed there was loot
swam over waterfall
found it was moot
Eight foot Ko-lag swims in knee-high stream
Misses with ballista
gets stamina reamed
Foolish Ko-lag shoves things up his nose
makes puppies cry
his hit rate blows.



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