Spoony Edsdottr

Half-elf Bard


STR 13; CON 18; DEX 14; INT 16; WIS 12; CHA 21

AC 24; FORT 20; REF 19; WILL 21

HP 65 speed 5 passive insigh 22 passive perception 16

class/path/destiny features
words of friendship, song of rest

common, elven, draconic

ritual caster, strength of valor, improved majestic word, student of battle, quick draw, proficiency: greatbow

chainmail, light shield, simple melee, longsword, scimitar, short sword, simple ranges, military ranged, greatbow

Magic Items
Veteran’s Armor +2, Skyrender Greatbow +2, Resilience Amulet +2, Bracers of Archery

Create Campsite, Traveler’s Chant

Virtue of Valor, Misdirected Mark, Jinx Shot
Majestic Word, Song of the New Dawn, Thunder’s Calling, Burning Spray (half-elf dilletante power; sorcerer), Re-write the Future
Glimpse the Future, Arrow of Ill-Omen, Concerted Effort, Strictures of Fortune, Inspiring Word (multiclass Warlord)


The daughter of Edward (a human) from near Iragonquil, and Milenia among the elves of Moon View. Edward was an adventurer for the first part of his adult life, and his travels took him south where he met Milenia. He stayed there for a few years helping the Sky’s Children fend off incursions from the cannibals from Bloodmoon. After falling desperately in love, Milenia gave birth to Spoony. She was raised early on swordplay and schooled the elven way by Milenia. Edward thought it would be a good idea to let his daughter experience what the other elves were like, so when she was 9 they packed up their belongings and moved back to his hometown of Iragonquil. There Spoony learned bow use hunting in the woods, and the respect for nature from the local elves. Not long after moving there was a summer festival where a famous gnomish bard named Holly Bud came and played, and Spoony immediately decided what she wanted to be when she grew up. When she turned 15 her parents took her to New Arathel and booked her a flight on an airship to the floating isles of Nicht Grosse in the north to take up an apprenticeship with the satyrs that ran the bardic college.

Fun and outgoing, Spoony made many friends and was very influential in the burdgeoning music revolutions during her stay. After a stint in her first band, Dark Sunday gained local popularity with it’s song “Steel Goliath”, she left and became lead sitarist for new band with a half-orc named Kurt Cobra-Bane called Paradise. They garnered quite a bit of praise for their song “Smells Like Treant Spirits”, a song about the tragedy surrounding the change of halflings. Soon after, she became part of a collaborative effort called Synagogue of the Canine. They performed songs in several cities along the northern coast such as “Staying Famished” concerning the cannibals of Bloodmoon. All the profits they made was donated in supplies and weapons for the people of Moon View to further protect themselves from the scourge.

After the tour finished, the bardic collegium announced her a graduate and she was let out into the world. Since she’d already been to most towns on the northern half of the continent, she booked flight on an airship from New Arathel to Bal’Legura. From there she continued south until she reached the Guild of Adventurers and took up swords with other like-minded individuals.

Mannerisms: Likes to talk, enjoys partying and having fun, happy-go-lucky

Likes: music of any sort, the stranger the better; adventure; parties; long walks on the beach. Also heartily enjoys dragging Cain with her to do these things and has made it her goal to find him a woman.

Dislikes: anything that can be construed as work, singing for her supper (she likes singing, but feels she should be fed because of her sparkling wit and engaging personality), cooking (burns water), and spending extended periods (weeks) of time in the wilderness.

Awards: Best Ballad of the Year (“Smells Like Treant Spirits”), Person Most Likely to Worm Her Way into a Cushy Job, Best Breasts at the Sword and Chalice Tavern (Solace).

Spoony Edsdottr

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